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MAY 11

TG Solutions has developed numerous solutions a wide variety of global markets, to fill the niche not being adequately addressed by the larger suppliers. These include:

  • Premium Vinyl Ester and modified Epoxy Resin Systems
  • Geo-Polymer and CBC resin systems
  • Superior Elastomeric, Polymeric and Ceramic Coating Systems
  • Fiber and Fiber Reinforcement Systems
  • Integrated Composites Solutions
  • Building Materials
  • Building Systems
MAY 11

TG Solutions has developed several new proprietary resins and coatings.

  • TG Solutions Premium Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin for increased strength, corrosion resistance and durability. Use applications for TG Solutions Premium Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resins are unlimited; ranging from corrosion protection environments to marine and automotive applications.
  • Several of the new TG Solutions Premium Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin formulations can be UV-cured. Some of the fire retardant versions can provide exceptional fire protection with or without added bromine.
  • TG Solutions Modified Epoxy Resin Systems offering high Tg (>200oC) and exceptional retained strength. Some of the TG Solutions Modified Epoxy Resin Systems have performance characteristics that are suitable for applications such as wind turbine blades and automotive manufacturing applications.
  • TG Solutions Coating Systems are available formulated as Marine Protection Systems, Thermal Barriers, Heat Dissipating Barriers, Corrosive Barriers and Anti-Adhesion Systems.
MAY 11

TG Solutions has developed “Green” technologies to produce ecologically friendly geo-fibers that are very cost competitive and have strengths approaching S2-glass and some grades of Carbon fibers.

  • TG Geo-Fibers are manufactured from natural resources and can be returned back to the earth without concern.
  • TG Geo-Fibers are inherently Alkali resistant materials suitable for use in corrosive environment.
  • TG Geo-Fibers are available as loose fiber, roving, textile and fiber boards.
  • TG Geo-Fibers can be used in applications to replace E-Glass and ECR-Glass. Some thermal applications that normally require S2 and Carbon Fibers can use TG Geo-Fibers at a fraction of the cost and with a lower carbon foot-print.
MAY 11

TG Solutions has developed “Green” “Fire-Safe” Building System Technology for the economical provision of dwellings and buildings or all types.

  • Modular Pre-Fabricated Units and Systems
  • Modular Flat-Pack SIP Building Solutions
  • Fire-Safe Interior and Exterior Sheathing Products
  • Micro-Plant component manufacturing concepts to save shipping and prevent delays.