Thermalguard TG Geofiber and Geotextiles

What is a Geofiber?

It is a geologically occurring material, born of Volcanic action, that can be turned into a fiber. More specifically, these materials are classified as “extrusive igneous rocks”.

OK, what does that mean?

It means it was formed within the earth in the form of magma (lava) and then cooled down to form rocks. These rocks can be re-melted to form TG Geofibers. TG Geofibers can be used to form strong and thermally resistant TG Geo-textiles!

  •  Therma;lGuard GeoFiber
  •  Therma;lGuard GeoFiber

Thermalguard Geofiber and Geotextiles Products

  • TG Geo-Fiber – Chopped
  • TG Geo-Fiber – Roving
  • TG Geo-Fiber – Textured Yarn
  • TG Geo-Fiber – Twisted Yarn
  •  ThermalGuard GeoFiber
  •  ThermalGuard GeoFiber
  • TG Geo-Textile – Tape
  • TG Geo-Textile – Multi Axial
  • TG Geo-Textile – Plain Weave
  • TG Geo-Textile – Satin Weave
  • TG Geo-Textile – Twill Weave
  • TG Geo-Textile - Unidirectional
  •  ThermalGuard GeoFiber
  •  ThermalGuard GeoFiber
  • TG Geo-Board
  • TG Geo-Grid
  • TG Geo-Mesh
  • TG Geo-Fiber – Rebar
  •  ThermalGuard GeoFiber
  •  ThermalGuard GeoFiber