Oilfield Industry Applications

Thermalguard® Coatings
  • Thermal Barrier
  • Heat Dissipating
  • Anti-ablative, anti-fouling
  • Corrosion Resistant
Thermalguard® Advanced Polymers
  • Structural where High-Temperatures and Stresses are involved
  • Hot Process Pipe Reinforcements (in place wrapping)
  • Fire-Grating, Walkways, Ladders, etc.
  • High-Temperature support structures
  • Down-Hole Composite Piping, etc.
  • Storage Tanks and Containments
  • Pressure Vessels
Thermalguard® Composites
  • Non-toxic, EU Class E1 reinforcements
  • Including newly formulated Phenolic having no “Free-Phenol” and no “Free-Formaldehyde”
  • Interiors, Seats, Cabinetry, Water Closets, Flooring, Doors, Piping, etc.
  • Fire-Safe emergency containments and structures