Marine Industry Applications

Thermalguard® Coatings
  • Thermal Barrier
  • Heat Dissipating
  • Anti-Graffiti, anti-ablative, anti-fouling
  • Cosmetic
Thermalguard® Polymers
  • Structural where High-Temperatures and Stresses are involved
  • Engine Stacks
  • Ship Exterior (Wetted surfaces – including decks, hulls, etc.)
  • Walkways, Stairs, etc.
Thermalguard® Composites
  • Non-toxic, EU Class E1 reinforcements
  • Including newly formulated Phenolics that have no “Free-Formaldehyde & no “Free-Phenol”.
  • Interiors, Exteriors, Seats, Cabinetry, Water Closets, Doors, etc.
  • Water-tight Doors, Fire-Zone Doors, piping, ducting, etc.
  • Fire-Safe Bulkheads, compartments and structures