ThermalguardĀ® Coatings
  • Thermal Barrier
  • Heat Dissipating
  • Anti-Graffiti, Anti-Icing
  • Cosmetic
ThermalguardĀ® Advanced Polymers
  • Structural where high operating Temperatures and Stresses are involved
  • Engine Nacelles
  • Aircraft Skeletons and Exteriors
  • Cargo Containers, etc.
  • Alternatives to BMI; lower processing costs providing higher operating temperatures
ThermalguardĀ® Composites
  • Interior and exterior components, seats, cabinetry, water closets, flooring, doors, etc.
  • Non-toxic, EU Class E1 composites.
  • Including resin systems for composites that are superior to Phenolic,
  • Epoxy and BMI based composites. New generations of Pre-Ceramic resins are in Thermal Endurance Testing.